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4.8 rating
Commission is negotiable.
3.8 rating
Commission approx 30%
5.0 rating
50% Commission 1st Month *Neg After
5.0 rating
CPA $150/pp Regions UK, US, AUS, CA, NZ
5.0 rating
50% Commission for 3 months! OR CPA
4.0 rating
Earn 25-45% in commissions (tiered).
4.3 rating
RevShare 15-35% CPA/Hybrid Traffic Offer
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CPA Commission $50-$100/pp
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Get up to 50% in your first month
4.0 rating
Commissions Are Negotiable
5.0 rating
50% Commission 1st Month

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Your Site

Make an attractive website.

Get help with web design/SEO, we’re here to help. Get in touch!


Create social media profiles and content.

Let people find you in a manner of ways when they search.


Give customer rewards like tips/cashback

Make sure they subscribe for more rewards and give support!

New Slots Sites To Play

We know our affiliates like to play slots or check out the new slots available. You will find some new slots and casino sites to check out here.

New Online Casinos

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Casino & Slot SEO

Don’t worry so much about SEO, the SEO will take care of its self but it can take up to a year or more. The more you change your SEO, the longer it can take to rank. If you can do your best and then improve future SEO, that will work better for you than changing all your meta data.

Ensure your audience is real and traffic is coming from legitimate traffic sources.

Tips For Casino Affiliates

I’m going to share with you the best way to win at promoting casino/slots websites.

  1. Top Web Design & Logo/Branding. There’s nothing more important than looking good!
  2. Stay Original With Design & Content. Customise your design and content. Make sure it represents your business.
  3. Keep It Light. Your readers will want the best fastest simple easy to use features & buttons.
  4. Stay Ahead Of The Game! You need to keep up with all the latest news and latest slots games.

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